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Understanding Metabolic Testing: Is It Really Helpful for Your Fitness Journey?

Today’s fitness world is continually evolving with new exercises, equipment, and technology. Part of Prestige Fitness 6-Step Process is a metabolic testing. If you are second guessing whether or not this feature is an important component of a successful fitness journey, we are here to help you understand. Is metabolic testing really helpful? What Is Metabolic Testing? A metabolic test measures the rate at which the body burns calories during different conditions. During a typical assessment, a trained professional will measure your resting metabolic rate (RMR) and metabolic rate under intensive physical activity. The results are then used as a blueprint for a personalized exercise program for an individual. A few years back, metabolic tests were only available in hospitals and clinics. However, due to advancement in technology, the test is now available in fitness clubs and gyms. The procedure is often alike in the medical setting but not necessarily identical. How Can I Benefit from Metabolic Testing? The results from a metabolic test are an integral part of creating the right exercise program for an individual. Based on your resting metabolic rate coupled with your estimated daily activity, your personal trainer will be able to calculate how much calories you can burn without exercise. On the other hand, your trainer will also be able to calculate how much calories you burn during a specific exercise. These numbers in return can help you manage your meals. A metabolic test all together with our other program will help you create a real change in your body. This component can be a game changer. Take your fitness journey one step further with our personal training in Tucson. If you are serious about your health, join us. Get the most out of the gym with our private classes fitness in Tucson. Feel good and look better in no time with the right fitness program. If you have any question about our program, do not hesitate to send us a message or give us a call.
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