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What Can You Do To Improve Your Metabolism?

Our metabolism plays a crucial role in our health. It is responsible for converting the food we eat into energy where oxygen will be combined with the calories in the food and drink we consume, in order to produce that energy we need. For this reason, it is important to make sure that we are … Continue reading

How Can 3D Body Image Scanning Help You Have a Strong Start on Your Fitness Journey?

Did you start your fitness journey only to find yourself going around in circles without making much progress? If you feel stuck in the same spot, one reason is that you don’t understand the needs of your own body. Prestige Fitness can guide you to get to know your own body and have a great … Continue reading

3 Ways Our 6-Step Process Can Guide You on the Road to Fitness

Fitness is a personal journey and it is a unique experience for each one. Some individuals who embark on the road to fitness find themselves lost along the way. Doing a lot of exercises doesn’t necessarily mean you are being productive. You might find yourself frustrated by doing a huge amount of work and still … Continue reading

Understanding Metabolic Testing: Is It Really Helpful for Your Fitness Journey?

Today’s fitness world is continually evolving with new exercises, equipment, and technology. Part of Prestige Fitness 6-Step Process is a metabolic testing. If you are second guessing whether or not this feature is an important component of a successful fitness journey, we are here to help you understand. Is metabolic testing really helpful? What Is … Continue reading

How Does Our 6-Step Process Work?

Prestige Fitness focuses on giving each client individual attention. This is why we specialize in creating personalized fitness programs to respond to your needs. With a custom training routine, there will be a lesser risk to sustaining injuries and a better success rate. With our personal training in Tucson, you will go through our 6-Step … Continue reading