How Does Our 6-Step Process Work?


Prestige Fitness focuses on giving each client individual attention. This is why we specialize in creating personalized fitness programs to respond to your needs. With a custom training routine, there will be a lesser risk to sustaining injuries and a better success rate.

With our personal training in Tucson, you will go through our 6-Step Process. This includes 3D-body image scanning, metabolism testing, physical assessment, posture assessment, nutrition, and massage. All of these activities are integrated into your program to better promote your wellness.

We take fitness very seriously. We do not believe in diets and one-on-one boot camps. We believe in creating a sustainable and enjoyable program you will have no difficulty following.

STEP 1: 3D- Body Scanning

A state of the art 3D-body scanner allows us to properly evaluate and track your body’s condition as well as calculate fitness and health metrics. With the use of millions of data points, your body’s shape and dimension will be captured in a matter of seconds.

STEP 2: Metabolism Testing

Every person’s metabolism works uniquely. With this evaluation, we are able to identify how your body uses energy while doing physical activity and during rest. The results from the metabolic test will serve as a blueprint for your nutritional and exercise strategies.

STEP 3: Physical Assessment

Before starting any fitness program, it is necessary to evaluate your current condition. This assessment is designed to gauge your strength, endurance, balance, and pain points. By doing so, we are able to determine your strength, weakness, and limitation which will serve as a foundation for your fitness routine.

STEP 4: Posture Assessment

Posture is extremely important in fitness. However, it is often overlooked. A small curve in your back can cause pain in your joints which can affect your overall performance. This is why we require you to go through a proper posture assessment. This evaluation is essential to design the right exercise program that responds to your needs.

STEP 5: Nutrition

We developed our very own nutrition program aimed to help you better plan your meals. From your metabolism testing results, we can come up with a custom game plan for your nutritional needs. Our certified and registered dietitian and medical doctors will get you set up!

STEP 6: Massage

Massage and fitness go hand-in-hand. After a rigorous workout routine, your body needs to relax. A massage can dramatically speed up your post-workout recovery. Moreover, not only can it help soothe the pain of sore muscles, but a massage also increases your muscles’ flexibility, thereby, making it work better.

Are you ready to start your fitness journey with us? Drop by our fitness center in Tucson, Arizona today!

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