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Ronald Yousefnejad Owner

From: Tucson, AZ Why I Got into Fitness: I started my exercise journey when I was in middle school. My father got me into exercise because I wanted to get better at soccer and had weight I needed to lose. After achieving success in losing weight, I became obsessed with exercise and how it made me feel. In high school, I went on to be a multiple-time state wrestling champion. I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and a full-ride scholarship to the University of Arizona. I started my fitness career at Bally Total Fitness and was the #1 Training director in the nation of 400 clubs. I started Prestige Fitness with my best friend Joe in 2008 and, since then, have helped transform thousands of lives! Every day is a great day and I feel very blessed to call Tucson my home. My Education: I was a graduate of the University of Arizona in 2006 with my Bachelors of Science in Physiology and minor in Chemistry. Go Cats! I have been in the fitness industry for over 15 years. Community Involvement: I think being a local business owner, it’s so important to get out in the community and help as much as possible. Some of the organizations I am a part of include: Ronald McDonald House, Angel Charity for the kids, Tucson Museum of Arts, Deltas Sorority, and the Salvation Army. Fun Fact: I speak fluent Assyrian and beat my middle school teacher in Chess when I was 10.


Tara Ashbaugh General Manager

From: England. Was born in the United States and love being here as my home. Why I Got Into Fitness: Growing up in England, I was always athletic. I played as many sports as time would allow. In later years, I learned through my own health issues the importance of sound nutrition and exercise. This is what has pushed my desire to help others. Community Work: From a young age, I volunteered in many things, from fundraisers to health tournaments within the community I lived in. Now, I love being a mentor as well as simply using my hands to serve others. Certifications: Future Fit, Nutrition and weight management consultant, Pilates Level 3 certification.

Aparna Kohli

Aparna Kohli Registered Dietitian

Why I Got Into Nutrition: I’ve always been fascinated with the science of food and nutrition. Going into nutrition was but the natural career choice for me. Food behavior is my another passion. I like to help my clients/patients to improve quality of life by using psycho-behavior therapy. Education: Masters in nutrition from India. Masters certification in Nutrition and Dietetics from Simmons College, Boston. Internship from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center/Harvard Medical School, Boston. Certifications: MS, RD, CDN Community Involvement: None right now as I just moved here. Fun Fact: Doesn’t matter where I go to shop, be it Lowe’s or Macy’s, or Sherwin-Williams, I always bring some garden/plant related stuff back home. It can be an actual plant or a planter or paint for the planters.

Cynthia Medina

Cynthia MedinaCertified Health Coach

What got her into health coaching/fitness? Her passion of helping people achieve wellness from a holistic approach came from her own journey of self-discovery and learning.

Education: She is a certified integrative life and health coach through IIN.

Community involvement: She takes Christmas presents down to orphanage in Mexico.

Fun fact: For 15 years she was the visionary founder and co-owner of one of the largest integrative facilities in East Texas and has served clients worldwide.

 Sy LaRoda

Sy LaRoda Certified Personal Trainer

Why I Got into Fitness: My passion for fitness started with my family upbringing. Being in athletics they were always in shape and taught me there is joy in taking care of myself and as I grew up what became my passion I wanted to make a career in showing people they also can find joy in fitness. Education: I attended Pima Community College where I passed their fitness pro certification program and my CPT is with NASM. Community Involvement: Not yet Fun Fact: As a kid, I had a question published in Disney magazine.


Sharon Powell Certified Personal Trainer

Why I Got into Fitness: I’ve been involved in sports and fitness for much of my life. When I moved to Tucson 14 years ago from New Jersey, I decided life is too short to spend in an office. I quit my job and went to school full-time for personal training and never looked back. Exercise has been a crucial part of my life. It keeps me centered and balanced, and has been a beneficial coping strategy when going through hard times. I love teaching others the value of fitness health, and that when we feel better, we move better. As a result, we can enjoy the activities we love more. Education: I studied fitness at Carrington College and graduated in 2010. I recently re-certified with the National Strength and Conditioning Association as a Personal Trainer with Distinction. I also have certifications in Functional Movement Systems, TRX training and USA Weightlifting. I am also certified in lead belay and lead climbing. I am a member of the Tucson Rock Climbers, and Rocks and Ropes climbing gym. When I’m not training others; I’m probably climbing or training for climbing. Community Involvement: I’ve spent multiple summers mentoring in Parks and Recreation programs for school aged children, lifeguarding, and participating in clothing donation centers. As a trainer, I seek to inspire the joy of life. I meet my client where they’re at and progress them at a pace they can handle, so they can reach their goals safely and successfully. I first lay a foundation of correcting movement patterns and biomechanics. From there, I begin developing strength, balance, and conditioning. Fun Fact: I live with my 3 Chihuahuas and Frankie, the cat, who thinks he’s one of them. Frankie was born in my backyard and claimed me as his person.

Alex Ballesteros

Alex Ballesteros Certified Personal Trainer

Why I Got into Fitness: I grew up in an athletic household where exercising was always encouraged! When I was about 7 I started in a dance academy and continued with that into my early teen years. Once I got into high school I was introduced to weight lifting and discovered a new passion and skill for it. Watching my brother break records in the gym encouraged me to put my best effort into an activity that I love, so here I am, several years later continuing with the sport and now teaching others! Education: For 3 years I studied Early Childhood Education and taught in several schools. I fell in love with teaching but health concerns approached and I made the decision to leave the schools. I am now going forward in the health and fitness industry by continuing my education in physical therapy. Certification: CPR, Personal training certified by expertrating and soon to be by Prestige’s own PTonthenet. Community Involvement: I’ve spent multiple summers mentoring in Parks and Recreation programs for school aged children, lifeguarding, and participating in clothing donation centers. Fun Fact: The only thing I love more than exercising is coffee!

Ashly Clark

Ashly Clark Certified Personal Trainer

Why I Got Into Fitness: I became passionate about health and fitness in college after starting my own workout journey. I started powerlifting, working towards my own fitness goals and trying to become the best possible version of myself. I then switched my major to Exercise Science/Pre-PT and have been working on bettering myself to lead and educate as many people as possible! One of my biggest goals is to help others learn how to live a happier and healthier lifestyle, mentally and physically. Education: BA in Exercise Science Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, ACE Certified Personal Trainer Community Involvement: None yet 🙂 Fun Fact: I love horror movies, video games, live music and french fries!

Adriana Nieblas

Adriana Nieblas Certified Personal Trainer

Why I Got Into Fitness: I was always active growing up, playing sports like softball, basketball, soccer, and I also did dance. Once I stopped, I wanted another way to stay in shape and be healthy; that is when I truly began my fitness journey. Since the age of 16, I have educated myself on fitness, nutrition, and health, I continue to do so everyday. Learning more about health and fitness is something I truly have a passion for, and it is so amazing how great it can make you feel! I want to be able to share this information with others and help others live a sustainable, healthy and fit life, forever! Education: My current education is as a certified Personal Trainer through National Academy of Sports Medicine. I am currently continuing my education to receive certification in Correctional Exercise and Nutrition, also through NASM. In addition, I am currently going through school at Pima Community College to receive an associates in Science and finish off at ASU Online for a fitness and health related bachelor’s degree. Certifications: My current certification is as a Personal Trainer through NASM, and CPR/AED certified. Community Involvement: Besides having the opportunity to share my knowledge with clients here at Prestige Fitness, I like to contribute to the community by sharing my passion with family and friends, helping them make lifestyle changes, forever. By sharing my knowledge with those who I care about, I hope to make this community and world a better place! Fun Fact: Fun fact, after being involved in sports growing up and being active till this day, I have never broken a bone in my body!


Chris James Certified Personal Trainer

Where I’m from: Pinetop/Lakeside Arizona What got me into fitness: Is my passion for resistance training and sports conditioning along with my desire to help others achieve their own personal fitness goals in order to positively impact their quality of life. Certifications: ACSM CPT (American College of Sports Medicine) Pima Community College Fitness Professional Certificate CES (Correct Exercise Specialist) What a client should know about me: I’m a huge fan of sports, especially football, and I love to swim. I enjoy being active outdoors and enjoy watching movies.


Dominic Matson Certified Personal Trainer

From: I am from Texas. Born in El Paso but also claim San Antonio where I moved to and where my parents currently reside as home. Why I Got Into Fitness: I got into fitness at a young age because of the values instilled in me by my parents. They taught me to always push yourself and to help others. My personal belief is the best way to help someone is to improve their quality of life; hence, fitness. Community involvement: I have been constantly involved in volunteer work with the children of Bright Horizons in San Antonio, as well as in the movement matters program in San Antonio which encourages the kids to get out and move their bodies. What a Client Should Know About Me: I believe in dreaming and setting goals. For example, my wife wanted to share a kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower. At 16, I worked at McDonald’s and paid for my way to go with her on her French class’s trip to France and fulfilled that dream. Education: Bachelors of Science in Kinesiology and certified through ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)

Marco Villa

Marco Villa Certified Personal Trainer

How I Got into Fitness: I got into fitness when I was a freshman in high school. I joined the wrestling team, thinking I could continue a family tradition. However, my season record was 1-22, with the single win coming from a forfeit. I knew I had to make a change. After the season, I dedicated myself to becoming stronger and more physically and mentally fit. As a sophomore, my record reversed for the positive, and I became a state champion. Fitness would always be an intricate part of my life! Certification: I am a certified personal trainer through the National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association, better known as NESTA. Community Involvement: I am involved in many youth sport and developmental programs, including the Arizona State Referee Association. Fun Fact: I enjoy officiating multiple sports, and I am an upcoming USSF Professional Soccer Referee!

Sean Sheahan

Sean Sheahan Certified Personal Trainer

Where you’re from? Tucson, Arizona Why you got into fitness? Wanted to make a difference by helping people and seeing transformations! Your certifications? NCSF What a client should know about you: I take my job seriously while still having fun. I’m a stickler for form and detail. I will make sure we are getting results the client wants.

Tabitha Dorsey

Tabitha Dorsey Certified Personal Trainer

Bio: Grew up in San Diego, CA and WA. I’ve lived in the Tucson area since 2008. I started out working as a receptionist at Golds Gym here in Tucson when I was 19 and I’ve been in the gym industry ever since. Why I Got into Fitness: I initially got into fitness to lose weight. My dad introduced me to weight lifting when I was 13 and needed to shed excess weight for health reasons. Over the years Fitness became more of a passion as well as an outlet for me. It has helped improve my health both physically and mentally. Now I aspire to help others become the best versions of themselves and improve their quality of life through fitness. Certification: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer Education: Associates of Arts Pima Community College Community Involvement I’ve been affiliated with M.E.Ch.A. A club that’s dedicated to raising educational awareness in the Hispanic community, assisting them in making their dreams of becoming first-generation college graduates a reality. Fun Fact: Contrary to popular belief (being 5’10”) I’ve never played ANY sports.

Travis Wren

Travis Wren Certified Personal Trainer

Why I got into fitness? Improving your physicality will improve your mentality and I believe exercise is a tangible way to move the intangible. Aside from the aesthetics, it’s the mental benefits of exercise that make it most valuable to me and I enjoy helping others access all the benefits. Education I am PT certified through NASM and have an additional certification in corrective exercise. I also have a culinary background and attended Western Culinary Institute in Portland Oregon. In addition, I have also attended the University of Idaho where I studied English Literature. Certification PT Certification through NASM Certification in Corrective Exercise Community involvement While I am quite busy training, I try to shop local and support local venders including small farms within the community. I have built some quality relationships within my clientele and try to remain available to support them in their lives beyond the gym in whatever way I can. Fun fact Wombat poop is cube shaped!


Javier Certified Personal Trainer

Why I got into fitness? I got into fitness when I realized how much discipline it could build in an individual. How much happiness and relief it brought me. It really is a lifestyle that is extremely rewarding to follow. Education I graduated from the University of Arizona in May 2022. I have a Bachelors in physiology and a minor in nutrition. Certification NASM Certified Personal Trainer Community involvement I used to help walk dogs at the local humane society. Fun fact A fun fact about me is that I have driven across the country!


Marina Bosuk Certified Personal Trainer

Why I got into fitness? Fitness always played a big role in my life. Everything from long hours of gymnastic practice during middle and high school, rigorous military training, competing in Bodybuilding competitions, and Powerlifting meets has given me insight on how the body works and how I can help others to achieve their goals. After suffering several serious injuries, I learned how to recover and I wanted to help my clients get stronger without unnecessary pain. All while having fun working out. Education I obtained a degree from Moscow Book Trading College in 1993. It gave me skills in management, trading and leadership. Certification I became a NASM Personal Trainer in May 2015 and later earned the following accreditations:

  • Women’s Fitness Specialist certificate
  • Senior Fitness Specialist certificate
  • Weight Loss Specialist certificate
  • Behavior Change specialist certificate
  • NASM Guide to Bodybuilding

Community involvement I volunteered at the South Arizona Humane Society before the pandemic. Looking to get back to help animals of all sorts. Fun fact I was born in Siberia, Russia during the Soviet Union from Roma/Moldova/Ukrainian parents. I speak Russian, English, Ukrainian, and understand SLOW Italian. Have two dogs, a cat, a bird and a snake and… two daughters.

Dayton Rabellizsa

Dayton Rabellizsa Certified Personal Trainer

Why I got into fitness? I grew up being active and playing sports, soccer being my main sport. After getting a knee injury in high school, I learned how necessary fitness and wellness are, not only athletes but anyone that wants to live a long and healthy life. Now, I look forward to exercising every day and hope to use my passion to help others find their own reasons and passion for partaking in fitness. Education I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage in 2022 with my bachelor’s degree in health science and minor in psychology. Certification Nasm – Certified Personal Trainer, Weight Loss Specialist, Sports Performance Enhancement, and Certified Nutrition Coach Community involvement I just recently moved in Tucson from Alaska and am looking for fun and helpful ways for community involvement! I will take any and all suggestions! Fun fact I taught myself how to juggle during quarantine.

Jennifer Dickey

Jennifer DickeyCertified Personal Trainer

Why I got into Fitness: Growing up, I was always in and around the gym. My mother was a fitness instructor in the 90s, and I would come along with her and watch her train. I believe this is where my passion for fitness began. I saw her impact on her clients and how much she enjoyed it, which left an imprint on me to help others feel better in their bodies. Growing up, she instilled healthy habits and was even my gym buddy in my teens and twenties. Good health and exercise were always a part of my life. I also had a focus on strength and conditioning as a teenager, where I was introduced to weightlifting and playing Tennis. Overall, my mother’s positive influence impacted my passion for being fit and healthy and gave me an understanding of how important it is to live a healthy life.

Education: I attended the University of Arizona, where I studied Speech-Language Pathology. I also received my Real Estate License from Hogan School of Real Estate.

Certifications: National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) Certified Personal Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

Community involvement: Growing up, I was part of several church outreach programs. One of my favorite programs was one where we traveled to Puerto Peñasco, Mexico, and built homes for families in need of safe housing. I have also volunteered in school activities for my oldest son.

Fun fact: I used to train in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (still a white belt). It is a fun and challenging Martial Art that is both humbling and empowering.

A short sentence or two on me: I believe the keys to achieving our goals in health and fitness are to embrace the challenge and commit to the outcome. Disregard your limiting beliefs and know that you are not your past; you can start today and be one step closer to where you want to be.

Curtis Homer

Curtis HomerCertified Personal Trainer

Why I got into Fitness: After being an athlete since 2005 I had a desire to educate myself on more aspects of fitness specifically related to optimizing performance and injury prevention. I had been designing workout programs and training clients for 2 to 3 years before finding most people wanted to focus on mobility and longevity. Now with almost training for 4 years I have worked with anyone from 80-year-olds with arthritis to D1 level athletes and military members all who have wanted to get stronger, faster and protect themselves from Injuries.

Education: Currently I am taking courses at ASV online and I have 3 certifications from ISSA: strength and conditioning specialist, elite trainer and exercise therapy specialist.

Community involvement: I have volunteered for Habitat for humanity and for Parent-Aid child abuse prevention center.

Fun fact: I actually owned and operated my own business before the pandemic.

Abel Maldonado

Abel MaldonadoCertified Personal Trainer

Why I got into Fitness: When I started my fitness journey, I was depressed, had low self-esteem and zero confidence in myself. I had to overcome these barriers and eventually transform myself into the man I am today. Since then, I vowed to help as many people as possible start their fitness journey and achieve what they never thought possible.

Education: NASM corrective exercise specialist and NASM Senior fitness specialist.

Community involvement: I love to help coach and teach kids self-defense to overcome bullying. Today bullying is at an all-time high and I believe it is our job to teach children the skills they need to not only protect themselves, but also to have the confidence to live their lives.

Fun fact: My name is actually not biblical. It’s short for Abelardo which is Spanish.

Erik Cox

Erik CoxCertified Personal Trainer

Why did I get into fitness? To better myself mentally and physically for a long and healthier life and to show others how to do what I did after overcoming being out of shape myself.

What is your education? I am ISSA certified

Are you involved in the community? I teach my friends and family to jump rope and am looking to do more.

One fun fact about yourself? Pickles are my favorite food.


Certified Personal Trainer

Why did you get into fitness? To have the ability to help people accomplish something they thought was impossible and to be the driving force that gets people where they need to be for a long and healthy life.

What is your education? I finished high school my sophomore year to go to college early and become a fitness professional and be proud of the career and life I live.

Community involvement? Nothing yet but I am looking to get more involved to reach people to do more with fitness.

One fun fact about yourself? My clients success motivates me to mentally and physically more capable of a leader and trainer.


Certified Personal Trainer

Why did you get into fitness? After working many jobs I was not passionate in and made me question my purpose in this life I realized I wanted a career that would put me way out of my comfort zone and now I am here!! ????

What is your education? I have a BA in speech therapy, a minor in studio art and am PT certified through NASM.

What is your community involvement? I spend time pet sitting and volunteering at animal shelters.

One fun fact about you? I spent 5 years in Tokyo and can speak Japanese.

brandon hudson

Brandon HudsonCertified Personal Trainer

Why did you get into fitness? Fitness and sports have always been my passion since a very young age. I have practiced and competed in sports such as soccer, football, swimming, basketball, track, gymnastics, and weightlifting. As I grew older, I focused on soccer and weightlifting, driven by my passion to be in peak athletic form to perform at the highest levels. My dream had always been to become a professional soccer player. However, injuries I sustained during my high school years forced me to stop competing at the elite levels. This shift in focus led me to change my aspirations. I decided to pursue a career in fitness and wellness to help others achieve their goals, prevent injuries, and promote overall wellness in their lives.

What is your education/certification? ACSM Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED certified.

What is your community involvement? I like to go eat and support local restaurants at least once a week.

One fun fact about you? I was raised in Mexico and speak fluent spanish.

adam fischer

Adam FischerCertified Personal Trainer

Where you’re from? I’m a Tucson native, raised just up the road from Prestige. I love the Tucson community & don’t take it for granted- There’s a reason so many retire here.
Why did you get into fitness? Fitness was never a big influence in my life until early adulthood, when I discovered physical discipline & routine gave me a new sense of independence, achievement & well-being. Since then, I embraced it fully as a means of self-improvement & found myself in a position of influence & motivation to peers. I decided that unless I undertook a formal education in exercise science, I would likely eventually hurt myself as I aged. Between this realization & the birth of my son, I chose to delve into health & fitness as a career in order to be my best self personally, a healthy & dependable member of the community, but most importantly a long-lasting father & role-model for my son.

What is your education/certification?

  • I graduated from Canyon Del Oro High School in 2005. I spent my initial college years in Prescott, Arizona at Yavapai Community College, earning my first associate’s degree in General Studies. That is also where I fell in love with Northern Arizona.
  • Degree of Liberal Arts Studies with Pima Community College
  • Fitness Professional and Wellness Program, Certification PCC; through this opportunity I interned at Prestige & several other facilities to expand & diversify my skill set.
  • A.C.E. Certified Personal Trainer Program, accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA) for areas of study in sports performance, fitness nutrition, weight management, and behavioral change.

What is your community involvement? I am an active volunteer at my son’s elementary school where I often chaperone field trips, events, and school activities. I enjoy getting to see my son learn & grow with his friends, being their human-jungle gym, and being an active role model in their lives.
One fun fact about you? I am also an avid mountain biker and cyclist. In my free time you can often find me riding the trails around town or on the River Loop Path. I also love to travel to Northern AZ, particularly Jerome. If you haven’t yet visited “Bisbee in the sky,” I highly recommend it.

Zion Perez

Zion PerezCertified Personal Trainer

Why did you get into fitness? Sport and strength training were essential to building my confidence and ensuring I had a strong network of friends with similar fitness goals as I grew up. In the weight room, I gravitated toward powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. After seriously injuring myself by lifting carelessly, I dedicated countless hours into studying and practicing safe and efficient lifting technique so that I could come back better than I was prior to the injury. My goal now is to help each person I train to meet their goals without having to experience the pain I put myself through.
Certifications: ISSA Certified Personal Trainer, CPR/AED
Community Involvement: I always love to support local artists and musicians.
Fun fact: I have not been to the National Park.

Dylan Williford

Dylan WillifordCertified Personal Trainer

Why did you get into fitness? I got into fitness originally to help better myself mentally and physically. It turned into a love of the process, and a love of exercise science. Now my goal is to pass on my knowledge to other people. I want to show people that they can reach their goals in fitness, and help them get there.

What is your education: ISSA certified personal trainer, CPR/AED certified

What is one fun fact about yourself: A fun fact about myself is that I am a huge nerd. I love movies, books and video games.

Clients Reviews

Chuck V'Soske
Chuck V'Soske
I've now had almost twenty sessions with my Prestige fitness trainer Anthony, plus 2 sessions with my posture coach Sean, and two sessions with my nutrition coach Aparna. The integration of these resources, plus the metrics/tracking from the Styku full body scanner, and the MyZone monitor are making my progress measurable and holding me accountable to my goals. Solid program!
Beth Marsh
Beth Marsh
Posture training has never been on my health journey horizon. I didn't even know it was "a thing". But since starting my time at Prestige, I have started Posture training with Sean Sheahan and in 3 short weeks, I have found a miracle worker. I'm a 65+ y.o, morbidly obese fitness beginner. This morning I got out of bed & stood up straight without a creaky back and other associated chronic pains. It was wonderful. Sean listens. He's gentle but knows his stuff. I am so pleased with my progress so far & very happy he is part of my Prestige fitness team.
Roger King
Roger King
My personal trainer Wendy is the best , her ability to connect with me on every level is such a gift . I have had many trainers over the years but Wendy is by far the best I have ever had . Highly recommended!
Harriet Villani
Harriet Villani
I have been going to Prestige for 2 years now and training with Manny. It was the best decision I ever made for myself and has exceeded all my expectations! He has been so pivotal in my journey to improve my health! Everyone at the gym, trainers and clients, are so nice. I always look forward to going.
Kevin Vu
Kevin Vu
I recently embarked on a fitness journey with Prestige Fitness, and it has been nothing short of phenomenal. The individual fitness trainers here are remarkable, each bringing their unique expertise to the table. From personal training to posture therapy, massage therapy, lifestyle coaching, and nutritional advice, every aspect of my health and wellness has been meticulously catered to. What stands out most is the patience and understanding shown by all the trainers. They have consistently held me accountable for my health and wellness goals, making me feel incredibly supported and successful in my journey. I can’t recommend Prestige Fitness enough for anyone looking to transform their health and fitness. This place is truly exceptional!
Laura Heredia
Laura Heredia
I have been working with Dominic Matson for the last 2 years, his support and training have changed my lifestyle!! He is always ready to help with my chaotic agenda (I travel 5 of 7 days) and adjust my routines to train in any condition, his support with my eating habits and great advice keep me always on track with my goals. Thank you, coach!!!!
Julie Zintsmaster
Julie Zintsmaster
I have been a member of Prestige Fitness since December 2020 and I love having a personal trainer to help me stay in shape. I am 75 years old and I am training 2 times a week on a very regular basis. The sessions are geared toward my ability and my personal needs (increased balance and strength) -- both of which have improved dramatically. In addition to the physical training, membership includes sessions with a massage therapist (the best), a nutrition consultant, and a posture expert. Everyone at Prestige is knowledgeable, professional, and friendly. It is an investment in my health, and to me it is more than worth it. My husband has recently become a member of Prestige and works with Dominic. Here is his review: I came to Dominic after a five month battle with COVID and Valley Fever that included 21 days in the hospital to continue my outpatient physical therapy. Dominic has been very skilled in providing exercises that meet my needs and are helping me rebuild my muscle strength and improve my balance. I am making excellent progress and look forward to continuing.
Brandon Huerta
Brandon Huerta
Have been going to this gym for years. My trainer, Wendy, is amazing!
Susan Baxter
Susan Baxter
This place is the best. Especially manny zarate my trainer
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