You Can’t Lose Weight Through Exercise Alone!

You Can’t Lose Weight Through Exercise Alone

You can’t burn all those extra calories just by exercising. Here’s why nutrition is an integral part of our personal training in Tucson.

Why a Healthy and Balanced Diet Matters

A medium-sized, honey-glazed or sugar-topped doughnut packs about 192 calories. A medium-sized chocolate one contains 175. Individuals with medium builds (155-175 pounds) need to do moderately intense workouts for 30 minutes to burn off the honey-glazed doughnut’s calories alone.

Imagine the workout amount and intensity you’ll have to undergo to make up for consuming four chocolate or jam-filled doughnuts packed with over 300 calories each!

Our point here is that exercising alone won’t get you to your weight loss goals. These are the reasons why.

  • Burning off all the extra calories you consumed is not that easy.

    Many active individuals fall into the trap of “I can eat whatever I want. I’m active and I can burn all these extra calories through working out.”

    But based on the illustration we used above, this mentality serves as a hindrance to your weight loss journey. Let’s say you’re aiming at losing 5 kilograms (11 pounds) in a month. Converted to calories and divided in 30 days, you have shed to off 1,300 calories daily to reach that goal. And that’s equivalent to 45 minutes to 2 hours of running.

    You’ll more likely burn out your body and bust your limbs exercising this way before you get to burn off all those calories.

  • Exercise induces our appetite for food.

    Notice how you feel hungry after your workouts? That’s how exercise works – it increases your appetite. You use up calories when you work out. Your body naturally responds to this loss by sending signals – hunger pangs – to get you to replace them. Giving in will most likely result in a setback.

  • A study confirms how exercise has little influence on the nation’s growing obesity rates.

    After analyzing data collected between 2001-2011, researchers concluded that physical activity does have a positive impact on battling chronic health conditions such as diabetes and heart disease. However, it has “a small impact” on the country’s obesity prevalence.

  • . Food is our body’s source of energy.

    We all have to understand that without the right food fueling our bodies, our exercise routines won’t be as effective resulting in unmet weight loss goals. Eating the right ones, on one hand, boosts our energy levels naturally and helps us to consistently lose weight.

Then Why Not Just Diet?

Yes, dieting alone results in weight loss but at the expense of losing muscle mass and bone density. Exercising stimulates our metabolism. So when we workout, we mostly burn our fats.

Visit our fitness center in Tucson, Arizonato get a better understanding of how exercise and diet work together. Through our private fitness classes in Tucson, the Prestige Fitness team will gladly walk you through the steps you need to do to get to the healthier and fitter version of YOU.

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