3D Body Scanning: Why You Should Get One?

 3D Body Scanning: Why You Should Get One?

Anthropometry, the science of human body proportions and measurements, has come a long way with the 3-dimensional body scanning. Here’s why and how we utilize this technological advancement in our personal training in Tucson.

What’s 3D Body Scanning?

3D body scanners have the ability to take three-dimensional images of your full body in just seconds. They’re not only fast but they’re also reliable in taking accurate body measurements.

A body scanner works by doing a fast scan on the subject’s body. The data the instrument collected is then used to map out anthropometric measurements and landmarks resulting in a sculpture-like image of the subject.

The Prestige Fitness team uses 3D body scanning because:

  • It allows us to get a good idea of what areas to target in every client’s fitness plan.
  • It helps us to better explain to them their health situations, the problem areas they need to work on and their general fitness program using their body’s 3D images.
  • We find that our clients are more willing to work on their fitness plans when they see the changes their bodies undergo as shown through the 3D body scans.

3D Body Scan, Weighing Scale, and BMI: What Are the Differences?

A weighing scale informs you when you gain or lose weight. BMI (Body Mass Index) tries to give a more accurate picture by quantifying the individual’s muscle, fat and bone mass. But they can’t indicate the specific weight distribution. BMI can’t also give the difference between lean mass and body fat.

3D body scanning is the best alternative to these two as it could do what the others can’t. Getting a 3D body scan allows us to get a better look at your body’s shape and where your weight and fat distributions are most concentrated in.

Why Does My Body Shape Matter?

Body shapes are good indicators of your health’s condition.

Individuals with guts bigger than their waistline – beer belly, spare tire and apple-shaped – are the most at risk, health-wise. Fats deposited in the belly cushion the internal organs hindering them from fully working. The threat brought by developing chronic health illnesses like heart disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer looms the highest on apples.
Pear-shaped people have lower risks compared to apples when it comes to heart, blood, and general internal health. But heavier bottoms put them at higher risk of degenerative knee and joint conditions like arthritis and varicose veins. Lower risk doesn’t also mean they’re exempt from developing the above-mentioned chronic health conditions.

Make 3D Body Scanning Part of Your Fitness Health Plan!

And that’s what we do at our fitness center in Tucson, Arizona as part of our 6-step process. You can also avail of our private fitness classes in Tucson. Call us to set up your appointment and assessment.

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