5 Factors That Can Potentially Slow Down Your Metabolism


Do you ever wonder how come you and your friend are just sharing the same diet and exercise routine and yet it seems as though they are the only one shaping up? There might be a ton of reasons behind that phenomenon, but one of them will lead back to your metabolism.

And, just so you know, everyone has a different metabolism rate. Yours may be slowed down due to your…

  1. Genetics 
    Metabolism is defined as how your body is able to translate the calories you take from your food into energy. If you have a slow metabolism, there’s a great chance that your genes are at play. While you might not be able to change your genetic structure, you can still improve on your habits. Try living a more active lifestyle to burn off the excess calories you don’t need.
  2. Hormones 
    Hormones function like little traffic lights in your body. They can dictate whether the different chemical processes in your system get a green light or get a stop sign. (And yes, among those chemical processes includes your metabolism too.) If you have an underlying medical condition, be sure to stay updated with your treatment so that you can prevent health complications from getting in the way of your fitness goals.
  3. Sleep 
    Do you keep staying up late to binge watch on your favorite series? You probably should start switching up that habit if you want to get fit. Having enough shut-eye in a day is necessary to keep your metabolism in the ready. If you think you might not be getting enough zzzs, then perhaps it’s time to hit the sack earlier.
  4. Diet 
    Don’t go for severe diets that require you to fast for days on end. This will trick your body into thinking that you’re currently on survival mode and it will trigger your metabolism to switch to slow-mo. Rather than going for drastic diets, choose one that is more realistic instead.
  5. Hydration level 
    In a day, how much H2O do you drink? Without enough water in the body, your metabolism will stall. If you’re not particularly fond of drinking plain water, how about adding a bit of flavor to your drink by infusing it with slices of lemon? You can also make use of a straw so you will be reminded to take a sip every once in a while.

Many factors can influence your metabolism and the fitness level of your body. Which is why at Prestige Fitness, we take this into consideration in order to give you the most efficient private fitness classes in Tucson.

We have a six-step course that is built upon assessing the state of your body, the type of diet and workout you may need, and at the same time your fitness goals in mind.

Let us know when you’re ready to join our personal training in Tucson. We can even provide you with a consultation, free of charge!

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