Questions You Should Ask a Personal Trainer

 Questions You Should Ask a Personal Trainer

Would you like to hire a personal trainer, but you’re not sure how to select the best one for you? Here are some questions that should help you narrow down the search:

  • What is your specialty?Just like doctors, personal trainers have their own set of specialties too. Think about what you want to achieve by going Personal Training in Tucson. Do you want to build muscle, burn fat, or tone your body? Once you have decided on your fitness goals, it’s time for you to get in touch with a personal trainer. (Of course, one whose specialty is in line with your aspirations.)

    Or, you can simply just connect with us. We are greatly different from other personal trainers in the area; because aside from awarding you with a FREE consultation from the get-go, we will also build a customized fitness program for you.

  • What is included in your qualifications?You should never miss this step. Checking for the necessary certifications will give you the peace of mind that your training sessions are legitimately guided by a professional. One who knows the process and will not put you in danger.

    It never hurts to be cautious. Taking this extra precaution will help make sure that the fitness center in Tucson, Arizona which you will be joining is safe and secure.

  • What is your protocol in assessing new clients?Not all clients have the same issues they need to be solved; and because of that, a generic workout plan won’t always work for your needs. This is why assessments should be made prior to the creation of a fitness plan. However, these assessments shouldn’t just check your current fitness status. It should also take into consideration your physical capability in performing different workout routines.

    With that in mind, Prestige Fitness employs a modernized assessment routine with the use of 3D body scanning. Once we have your data on hand, we will be able to formulate a personalized fitness program that will keep you in shape, improve your diet, and correct your posture at the same time.

  • What is your strategy in regards to improving my diet?Exercise alone won’t help you lose excess weight if your diet is still in shambles. However, if you start working on fixing both at the same time, you will be able to reap more benefits. Sadly, not all personal trainers have mastery when it comes to diet and nutrition (as they are more focused on helping clients tone up).

    Luckily for you, Prestige Fitness is different. Since we have a nutrition specialist on our team, you can not only enjoy an efficient workout program in our care, but also a better diet plan.

Do you have other questions in mind that weren’t included in the list?

We’d be happy to address your concerns! Let us know what you think by giving us a call or by typing down your ideas in the reply section.

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