24 Hour Fitness, Personal Training Center & Gym in Tucson, Arizona - Prestige Fitness

Prestige Fitness is a state-of-the-art 24 hour fitness center in Tucson, Arizona. We specialize in customizing the right fitness and nutrition program for those looking to make a lifestyle change. Our process is the key to getting individuals the success they are looking for. The process begins with our board certified doctor analyzing your current physical condition and telling to what you need to do to improve, and ends with you working together with a master level trainer or taking an exciting fitness class on your own to enhance your body strength, flexibility, and to learn the tricks of getting a chiseled body. There are plenty of amenities to choose from in our 24 hour fitness center. This includes: cold towel service, locker rooms and showers, massage therapy, physical therapy and advanced fitness testing that tracks your progress monthly. Being one of the most advanced gyms in Tucson is no easy feat. Prestige Fitness has invested heavily in infrastructure, equipment and staff whose number one focus is customer satisfaction. We are proud to be Tucson, Arizona’s best fitness club. Our diverse services and programs are all designed to improve the fitness and health of our community. Whether you want to increase strength or muscle, improve sports performance, lose weight, or reduce stress, our all-in-one fitness center in Tucson will help you achieve your fitness goals and make you feel a whole lot better. Our expert doctors, training coaches, fitness classes, nutrition regimen and exercise equipment will allow you to enjoy your improving fitness levels more than ever. We understand that a fit body is necessary for being productive, both in work as well as personal life, and this is why our fitness classes and programs are designed to make sure that you first focus on general fitness, muscles and strength can come at subsequent stages.