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To know where you're going we must know where you have been.
A comprehensive physical will determine where you need to begin. Also included are lab referrals.
This will allow Dr. Ralph to review and assess your lipid panels, vitamin levels and hormone balance.

Have your Genetic Test done.

Everyone is NOT created equal. This non-invasive test that requires a small sample of your saliva is your genetic fingerprint. Once processed, the results will give you the blueprint of your bodies positive and negative reaction to different food types. The results will change in your life.

Get your Metabolism Test done.

Numbers don't lie. With our FDA approved Korr Reevue you will learn with absolute accuracy how many calories YOUR body burns in 24 hours. This number coupled with your physical and genetic test results gives us an arsenal of information for your complete health plan. The test is only 10 minutes and requires no effort.


Work with a Personal Trainer 2-3x a week.

Now armed your blueprint for success our certified personal trainers will customize your unique workout program. Working with your new personal trainer will avoid injuries while achieving maximum, guaranteed results. Included in your custom workout program will be personal trainer instructed fitness classes. The classes are fun, convenient and designed to keep you constantly progressing.


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